About Story Starts

Story Starts began life on the web back in 1996, as one of a number of teaching resources published on Sutton-on-Sea Primary School's website, the Seagull's Nest. All the resources, including Story Starts, were developed by Chris Flanagan, who was headteacher at the school until 2005.

In 1998 the potential of the resource was highlighted by Rhona Dick in a Micros and Primary Education (MAPE) magazine article. Rhona provides numerous examples of ways in which the resource can be used to develop literacy skills.

*** UPDATE ***
Rhona has updated her original article in the 5th February 2011 edition of Sharing Good Practice available on the ictopus website

In the late 1990's Espresso Education, a world leader in the development and publishing of primary school teaching resources, discovered Story Starts and requested permission to include them as part of its subscription service to schools.

In the years since, Story Starts have been used by children to create thousands of stories across the world.

Chris has now retired from headship and works as a freelance consultant, trainer and web designer. Some of this work is as a trainer for Espresso - imagine his surprise when he discovered that it is still part of the service that Espresso provide to schools!

In mid 2010 Sutton-on-Sea Primary school were no longer able to host and support Story Starts. It was feared that they may lay unused, gathering dust, in a corner of a hard drive somewhere. Indeed that may well have happened had there not been such a volume of enquiries as to their whereabouts by teachers and pupils around the globe.

In response, Chris has now completely re-coded them and today they have a new home on their very own dedicated website. To celebrate the occasion a brand new genre of story appears for the first time ..... that of the fairy tale.

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