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The Jungle of Death

by Amr bin Mubarak, 10 years old

The fax arrived just as Martin was slipping on his camouflage jacket. It was the news he had been waiting for. Without a second thought he headed straight for the airport.

As he settled down for the long journey ahead he thought of the contents of the fax. "Get over here immediately. Only hours left to live." the message had said. Martin wasn't sure what lay ahead for him when he arrived at a jungle called the Biga Biga Jungle. The next few hours would soon tell.

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The Scary Witch

by Hamza, aged 7 from Yemen

Late one night just as the moon began to peep above the trees a strange sound was heard in the distance. Could this be the return of the one legged witch that had terrified. the village many years ago? The teacher decided to investigate ...........she looked at the wood and saw nothing……. She asked her students to help her to find where does the witch live……

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The Funny Cook

by Aya, aged 7 from Yemen

In a busy street not far from Looville, the capital of Giggleonia, there lived a gigantic, pimply, cook called Bally. Now if there is one thing you need to know about, it is Bally most unusual habit - burping in the barber's shop!. Bally just couldn't stop doing it. The good people of Loovile decided that they had to find a way to stop this.
Little did they realise that their efforts would lead to such hilarious adventures. It was the Mayor who came up with the first bright (but useless!) idea ..........
The Mayor decided to close Bally’s mouth with tape every time he goes to the barber. But when Bally burped at the barber’s shop the tape flew away and hit the barber in the face.

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Blowing Earth Up

by Alex and Laurence

The astronaut gazed out of the shuttle craft window at the moonlit sky. He wondered what lay in store during the journey ahead. It was hard to believe that it was only last week that the news had broken on TV ............ Earth was being invaded! Only the astronaut could prevent a disaster. He had a cunning plan, but would it work? The next three days would soon tell the earth would exsist any more!!!


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by Jeremy Hodge
age 10 years, Abergavenny, South Wales.

Late one night, just as the full moon began to slowly sink behind the hills, a screeching noise was heard in the distance. Could this be the return of the terrible ghost that had haunted the ancient village for many years? John decided to investigate….

John was a brave boy, seventeen years old and still in school studying for his A levels. He was a tall boy with a serious looking face and blond hair. He had heard all the stories about the ghost ever since he was tiny. He used to believe the stories but now he wanted to see for himself. Was it all true, or had the stories been made up by the old people of the village to frighten strangers away? John had been born in the village and had lived there all his life. He longed to meet new, young people from the world outside. While there were stories of terrifying ghosts in the woods and the village, this did not seem to be very likely to John. The only people who came to the town were the odd (and usually old ) people who delighted in 'ghost- hunting'! John was so bored he just had to find out the truth.

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