The Jungle of Death

by Amr bin Mubarak, 10 years old

The fax arrived just as Martin was slipping on his camouflage jacket. It was the news he had been waiting for. Without a second thought he headed straight for the airport.

As he settled down for the long journey ahead he thought of the contents of the fax. "Get over here immediately. Only hours left to live." the message had said. Martin wasn't sure what lay ahead for him when he arrived at a jungle called the Biga Biga Jungle. The next few hours would soon tell.

The Biga Biga Jungle had many green trees and dangerous animals. He saw some people who need help. They were tall and black. Some of them were very sick. They had eaten a poisonous plant. They were feeling so much pain in their heads. They were acting like crazy they were running around and hitting their heads on the trees.

There were wild dangerous animals like tigers and lions waiting to eat the sick people.

Jungle StorySome wise man who was called Hoopli had sent the fax to Martin. Martin had visited this jungle six years ago and while he was exploring Hoopli saved Martinís life when he was attacked by a leopard. Martin became friends with Hoopli and told him that if he ever needed help he can send him a fax asking for help. The fax was working on solar energy and Hoopli was a very wise man who knew what to do.

Now it was Martinís turn to help.

He already knew that Hoopliís people were in danger. So he had driven to the jungle in a large red Jeep.

He and Hoopli and some of the other strong men of the jungle caught the wild animals and put them in cages and gave them something to sleep so that they donít attack the sick people.

Then Martin and his friends carried the sick people to the Jeep and then to the airport to take them back to a good hospital in his country.† They became well again and returned to the jungle after three weeks. He went back with them and gave them some medicine and food.

The people of Biga Biga were very happy and thankful to Martin and promised him that if ever he needed help they would all be there for him.

The EndÖ

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