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Yeah, I think Samuel t Coleridge had to start. Somewhere,so cannot critasize .
Cassidy ( Londen, ) Sep 17 2013
I think it is a great way to enhance childrens attention during lessons such as english litrature. I personally am a 13 year old currently studying at a school that loves writing storys!!!\r\nplease make more!!!!!!!!!!11111
Claudia ( West Sussex ) Sep 14 2012
why not try out making a story!!
keelie Feb 29 2012
Why not be famous just for a story. [Note from Editor: "Indeed - JK Rowling had to start somewhere .... and it might have been something like Story Starts that set her on her way!"]
Tyrisha-Ky Eden-Winn ( Huddersfield ) Feb 09 2011
Here at ictopus we love Story Starts and we plan to publish an article about it in our magazine in the spring. It is a great way for teachers to free the muse in their pupils and if it inspires more children to write like Jeremy Hodge (see Your Stories)it could well be instrumental in developing the next JK Rowling!
Heather Govier ( ) Nov 27 2010
Why not become the first user at the new site to leave us your thoughts about Story Starts?
Chris Flanagan ( Lincolnshire, UK ) Nov 25 2010
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