This one will have your readers in stitches ....... watch out ... there are a couple of surprises!


Funny ManA Funny Story

Choose what you think are the best words from each list!

If a box is empty you will need to choose your own word.

In a not far from , the capital of , there lived a , called . Now if there is one thing you need to know about, it is 's most unusual habit - just couldn't stop doing it.   The good people of decided that they had to find a way to stop this.

Little did they realise that their efforts would lead to such hilarious adventures. It was the Mayor who came up with the first bright (but useless!) idea ..........

I will call my story
My name is

When you click 'Continue' the start of your story will be written on a new page, ready for you to print and carry on with. You could copy and paste it into your favourite word processor to finish if you wish. Try to think of a good middle and an exciting ending!


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