The Scary Witch

by Hamza, aged 7 from Yemen

Late one night just as the moon began to peep above the trees a strange sound was heard in the distance. Could this be the return of the one legged witch that had terrified. the village many years ago? The teacher decided to investigate ...........she looked at the wood and saw nothing……. She asked her students to help her to find where does the witch live……


They walked in the forest quietly with their torches off …one of the students fell down on he leaves and suddenly they heard a very loud scream of anger.

They did not move ,everything got quiet again ,the student who fell lost his glasses when he fell , they tried to find it but it was dark they could not see ,they to light up one torch .the found the glasses and the witch too in front of them.. they gasped loudly and freezed.

" I have a dinner this night and you all look delicious"the  witch said.

Magically she snapped her fingers and held them in a cage.

" we are not tasty but we  will show you  tasty human beings  " they said.

"really, where are they ,if that’s true I will let you go free and if you are lying you will stay in this cage until you die" the witch said.

" I snap my finger and point at the person who I am going to eat and he will disappear.

They had a nice idea ,they asked her to free their teacher  to go and bring one of the human being and they will stay in the cage.

She said ok and if the teacher will not come back the children will be eaten . they all agreed . the  teacher went for many hours and came back pulling a box on wheels .

"is this the tasty human being' said the witch.

" yes it is" said the teacher.

" if I don’t like it I will eat you all" said the witch.

The teacher opened the box ,there was a big mirror inside , the witch does not know mirrors . she saw an ugly picture of her.

" oh .. this human being is ugly I hope it tastes good" the witch said.

She snapped her fingers and pointed at the mirror and disappeared.

" we made it , she disappeared …hooray  hooray " everyone said happily.

now they are going to live happily and they saved the village .


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