The Funny Cook

by Aya, aged 7 from Yemen

In a busy street not far from Looville, the capital of Giggleonia, there lived a gigantic, pimply, cook called Bally. Now if there is one thing you need to know about, it is Bally most unusual habit - burping in the barber's shop!. Bally just couldn't stop doing it. The good people of Loovile decided that they had to find a way to stop this.
Little did they realise that their efforts would lead to such hilarious adventures. It was the Mayor who came up with the first bright (but useless!) idea ..........
The Mayor decided to close Bally’s mouth with tape every time he goes to the barber. But when Bally burped at the barber’s shop the tape flew away and hit the barber in the face.

The next idea came from Bally’s neighbour Gally. Gally said, “Why not we give Bally some medicine that stops him from burping?”
But Looville’s doctor did not have this medicine. He said it must be brought from China.
Then all of Loovile decided they will go to China to buy the medicine to stop Bally from burping.
When they arrived in China, they did not find the medicine and they had to come back to Loovile without it.
When they returned to Loovile, the Mayor had another idea. He said, “Why not stop Bally from going to the barber? Then he will not burp!”
So all the people in Loovile agreed and said “Yes, yes... it is a good idea!”
And they decided to stop Bally from going to the barber.

Funny Cook 2Bally’s hair grew long and long and long.
His hair was so long that it covered his mouth, his ears and went all the way down to his belly. He could hardly speak or eat.
Bally had a dog named Dolly. She did not like the way Bally looked with his hair so long. Dolly would come and sniff at the hair and then bark and run away.
Bally was sad that his best friend and his favorite dog was afraid of him.
Also, Bally could not cook any more. His hair went into the food, the soup, the water. One day it even caught fire while he was cooking.
The fire burned his beard and all his hair...But he did not burp.
Then he said, “Wow! Look everyone! I don’t have long hair or a beard anymore!”
Bally did not have long hair and he did not need to go to the barber and his dog Dolly loved him again.
The people of Loovile were very happy for him.
Then he said, “I have an idea! Every time my hair grows long, we put it on fire. But you have to be ready with water to stop the fire from burning my face.”
The people said, “It is a good idea! Yes, yes, sure.”
From that day on, Bally never burped again, and he remained the best cook in Loovile. Even the pimples on his face were gone!


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