Blowing Earth Up

by Alex and Laurence

The astronaut gazed out of the shuttle craft window at the moonlit sky. He wondered what lay in store during the journey ahead. It was hard to believe that it was only last week that the news had broken on TV ............ Earth was being invaded! Only the astronaut could prevent a disaster. He had a cunning plan, but would it work? The next three days would soon tell the earth would exsist any more!!!

The astronaut felt like going back home but he stuck at his task.He saw some green people in the sky they were the aliens heading towards earth!!!....Quickly he shot his lasers at the enemy but the aliens fired back there was a big explosion!!!

the aliens were getting closer to earth.Quickly the astronaut got into the shuttle.Then all of a sudden the aliens saw a light and the exploded with a bang.The were dead and the astronaut went back to earth getting a lot of praise.

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